Insurance providers in South Africa are embracing the benefits of integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into existing insurance models and systems. This follows Santam Specialist Real Estate’s recent partnership with Sensor Networks to provide smart-home insurance solutions to homeowners across the country. Kicking off in the Free State earlier this month, Santam Specialist Real […]

IoT data is the foundation of smart-home insurance through enabling insurers to optimally assess and manage certain risks in their policyholders’ homes, resulting in superior value propositions while providing value-added services. Sensor Networks’s bespoke sensors document and contextualise a policyholder’s daily behaviour with regards to water usage, electricity consumption, home frequency, shower patterns, sleep patterns, […]

Nedbank Senseable Bookmarks 2019 Awards

When digital technology and creative thinking intersect, brands can collaborate to create memorable and relevant experiences in consumers’ lives. Through the collaborative efforts between Nedbank Insurance and Accenture Interactive, the award-winning geyser telematics solution (brought to you by Nedbank Insurance) received additional industry acclaim at the 2019 IAB Bookmark Awards, earning gold in both the […]

Load Shedding

There are approximately seven million geysers (hot-water cylinders) of all shapes and sizes in homes across South Africa. With new homes being constructed all over the country, that figure also increases by about 15 000 new geysers per month.

Sensor Networks has been given an honourable mention in a recent article on South African startup news website, Ventureburn, titled: ‘My hot and happening SA startup picks for 2019’ by Matthew Buckland.

Sensor Networks Christmas Tree

The festive season is fast approaching, and many of us will soon leave our properties unattended for long periods while we go on holiday. Sensor Networks will keep an eye on your geyser while you’re away