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Sustainability Through Smart Energy Solutions

Scheduling and Timers

Smart geysers allow users to set up schedules or timers to heat water for when it is needed the most, shifting the demand from peak to off-peak periods.

Data and Analytics

Smart geysers allow users to monitor and track how much energy their household geyser is using, allowing homeowners to be more in control and feel empowered.

Remote Control

Smart geysers can be controlled and monitored remotely, users can turn the geyser on or off, conserve energy during periods of absence and adjust temperature based on the season.

Smart Data. Smart Insights.


Provide detailed insights and analytics about geyser usage, energy consumption, and patterns to help you make informed decisions and optimise your smart-home setup.


Monitor and optimise energy usage in the home by tracking consumption patterns and adjusting settings to save energy and reduce monthly utility bills.

Save Money. Take Control.

Improve energy efficiency in the home

By monitoring and managing their geysers' energy usage via the Sensor Connect app, your customers can optimise their household energy consumption.

Enjoy convenient living at the touch of a button

Your customers will have the power to manage smart devices in their home, set timers to automate tasks, receive real-time alerts, and can stay connected 24/7.

Priceless peace of mind

Customers get instant notifications of any unusual activity or access attempts, and can remotely monitor their home security systems and cameras.

Reduce risk and damages

By monitoring the health of their geysers, your customers are proactively alerted to potential water leaks before it causes excessive damage to their household belongings.

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