Blown geyser element

Blown elements are the most frequent homeowner’s insurance claim. Burst geysers and consequential water damage are a pain point for homeowners and insurance providers alike, resulting in millions of rands in claims for providers, and increased premiums for policy holders. Sensor Networks’ IoT platform has enabled insurers to significantly reduce this risk through bespoke sensors […]

Load Shedding

There are approximately seven million geysers (hot-water cylinders) of all shapes and sizes in homes across South Africa. With new homes being constructed all over the country, that figure also increases by about 15 000 new geysers per month.

Energy Savings Report

This report investigates whether installing a Sensor Networks Smart Geyser controller reduces the average user’s geyser energy consumption and the significance of those savings by assessing the existing usage patterns through sensor data. Further, the project seeks to unveil the user characteristics and behavioural patterns which best optimise consumption cost without hindering user convenience (e.g. […]