Sensor Networks Smart Home

South Africa is currently experiencing an internet-connectivity boom, and, as of 2017, more than half the country’s population has access to the internet. As this ratio increases each year, the knock-on effect of us becoming more connected is that we look to connect more.  Indeed, smart homes might not be commonplace in South Africa just […]

Sensor Networks Geyser Experiment Lab

Various sources, including Eskom and Kwikot, have long argued the value of managing one’s geyser set-point temperature and turning it off when not in use. Some suggest a schedule can make a difference, while others argue this has no effect. Either way, none provide practical, controlled, real-world experiments to prove this one way or another. […]

IoT data is the foundation of smart-home insurance through enabling insurers to optimally assess and manage certain risks in their policyholders’ homes, resulting in superior value propositions while providing value-added services. Sensor Networks’s bespoke sensors document and contextualise a policyholder’s daily behaviour with regards to water usage, electricity consumption, home frequency, shower patterns, sleep patterns, […]