Sensor Networks builds smart technology and systems that improve peoples’ lives by making insurance simple, convenient and affordable.

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Sensor Desk IoT Platform

At the heart of Sensor Networks’ IoT platform is Sensor Desk, an all-encompassing cloud-based platform that connects all our sensors to an early fault-and-fraud detection system, as well as a notification centre.

The Sensor Desk IoT platform allows for the automated logging of faults, and easy coordination of assessment- and technical-repair teams. It also provides a centralised platform for notifying affected clients.

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Sensor Smart Mobile Application

Our mobile app connects end users to the sensors in their homes, giving them early-warning notifications and putting them more in control. Users are able to reduce their home’s energy consumption and have access to quicker fault notification and reporting, as well as a wealth of data analytics in an easy-to-understand format.

The Sensor Smart mobile app takes away the stresses and anxiety when something goes wrong at home, giving end users quick access to trusted service providers to resolve their problems.

Claims Ecosystem

Our cloud-based technology connects to insurance companies, third-party call centres and repair-and-replace service providers, ultimately leading to easier claims processes with reduced friction, benefiting end users.

The Sensor Networks IoT platform streamlines operational efficiency for service providers and reduces red tape for end users.

White-Labelled Solutions

All of Sensor Networks’ technology is available as a white-labelled solution. Insurance companies are able to use our software development kit (SDK) embedded in their existing apps, or can develop new apps from the ground up using our in-house development team or third parties.

Predict-and-Prevent Technology

In-house machine-learning algorithms analysing data from all our sensors give Sensor Networks the ability to preemptively prevent faults from happening across various products, reducing risk for insurance providers, and preventing costly, frustrating and time-consuming home events for end users.

This technology also gives Sensor Networks the ability to remotely manage and repair potential fault claims before they occur.



Here are some of the screenshots of our current software.


Who We Are

Who We Are

Sensor Networks is made up of an experienced team of hardware-, software-, mobile developers and data scientists who have successfully worked on previous IoT projects. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of where the IoT can take the insurance industry, and we’re passionate about refining our ability to predict and prevent insurance claims, as well as remotely solve issues that arise (without the need for costly repair teams). We want to make the IoT work for companies and end users alike.

Why partner with us?

We're a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who have decades of combined work experience in the tech space. Our core team has already successfully built and scaled a tech start-up in South Africa, and we are now focused on successfully growing Sensor Networks into a global player in IoT.

What do we do?

We reduce risk for insurance providers. Our predict and prevent technology has a proven track record, and we have numerous projects with key partners in the South African insurance industry at various stages. Through these projects, we have gathered more than two years of real-world data from real-world users, and our in-house predict-and-prevent technology has already saved our partners thousands of rands in insurance claims. We’re also striving to noticeably reduce energy consumption by our end users, creating a win-win situation for insurance companies and their clients.

How do we do it?

We are focused on creating smart-home solutions that add real value for insurance providers and homeowners alike. The Sensor Desk IoT platform is a turn-key monitoring and claims-processing solution that is fully integrated with our smart-geyser-, smart-security- and smart-fire technology. Our products reduce risk for insurance companies, but also provide end users (insurance-policy holders) with peace of mind, by making the claims process more seamless and easy to navigate should things go wrong in the home.

How can you get involved?

We’re currently in partnership with some of South Africa’s top insurance providers, but are not offering our smart-home solutions directly to end users. We do have plans, however, to change this in future – contact your insurance provider directly for more information, and watch this space! For now, the best way to contact us is via email or social media – see the contact form below for more info.

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Latest Blog Post

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