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A smart geyser is equipped with sensors that can detect leaks or abnormal water flow. If a leak is detected, it can immediately notify the homeowner or a monitoring system, with a first notification of loss message.
In case of a detected leak or abnormal water flow, the smart geyser can automatically shut off the water supply. This helps prevent further damage and reduces the risk of flooding or water-related accidents.
Smart geysers are equipped with sensors and monitoring capabilities that can accurately record and report incidents, using time stamped data such as leaks, bursts, or abnormal water flow in real time. ne


Pensioners in SA are using smart technology to reduce their electricity bills

In South Africa, there are an estimated 5.3 million people aged 60 or older, representing just over 9.2% of the overall South African population. These figures offer a sizeable estimate from Stats SA, and indicate that population ageing is taking place in our country, increasing steadily over the last 5 years. The increase in the

Reflecting on South Africa’s energy landscape ahead of the 2024 elections

While no one expected the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to shoot any lights out, we did expect some electrifying election season promises by President Ramaphosa in his annual address. And we got a big one, as the President proclaimed that “the end of load shedding is finally within reach,” stating that the actions

Reduction of costly insurance claims now possible with smart geyser technology

Eskom recently initiated a pilot program in Fourways to remotely manage household electricity consumption through smart meters, with plans to expand the initiative nationwide. The move was discussed during Eskom’s recent State of the System briefing, where strategies to reduce load-shedding were outlined. Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa took this opportunity to make it clear that

Maximising your savings with your Smart Geyser amid the Eskom increase

The recent 18% electricity tariff hike by Eskom may have you scrutinising your monthly expenses. As a nation, we are facing increased energy costs, and heating water – a significant portion of our household energy bills – takes on even more weight. Yet, your Smart Geyser stands ready as a trusted companion in this journey.

Nedbank Insurance launches a zero-excess smart-geyser policy for homeowners

Home insurance has taken a technological leap forward with the launch of a new zero-excess smart-geyser policy for homeowner’s insurance cover (HOC) and MyCover Personal Lines policyholders who have installed a Nedbank smart geyser device. With this policy, policyholders will pay no excess fees associated with claims for water damage caused by burst or leaking

Geyser Energy Savings Experiment

Various sources, including Eskom and Kwikot, have long argued the value of managing one’s geyser set-point temperature and turning it off when not in use. Some suggest a schedule can make a difference, while others argue this has no effect. Either way, none provide practical, controlled, real-world experiments to prove this one way or another.

Risk Reduction and Energy Savings: Insurance-linked IoT Geysers in South Africa

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where homeowners seem content to heat large volumes of water in a pressurised metal drum situated somewhere between their roofs and their ceilings. Generally, elsewhere in the world, hot-water cylinders, or geysers – as they are known locally – are situated in cupboards or

Standard Insurance Limited launches digital insurance claims journey aimed at homeowners with Digicall Group and Sensor Networks

Home insurance took a giant leap forward this month when Standard Bank’s insurance arm, Standard Insurance Limited (SIL), partnered with incident-management company, Digicall Group, and Connected Home platform developer, Sensor Networks. The trio have developed a connected-geyser ecosystem aimed at homeowners that monitors a standard household hot-water cylinder and kicks off a fully digitised procedure

Sensor Networks launches Alarm Connect home-security monitoring solution

One of South Africa’s leading insurance-focussed Internet of Things platforms, Sensor Networks, has added Alarm Connect to its suite of connected home IoT products, allowing homeowners to remotely manage their home alarms and WiFi-enabled security cameras. Alarm Connect, is a home-security monitoring system that can be easily installed alongside most standard alarm panels, providing remote control

Sensor Networks Geyser Energy Savings

Introduction In order to estimate Sensor Networks customer energy savings, we need to calculate the expected energy usage were devices not installed, and compare this to the actual, recorded energy usage (Note that these numbers rely on various assumptions, and represent a rough estimate). Expected Usage The Eskom average geyser usage is between 13 and

Use Case – Burst Geyser

You’re sitting at your office desk on a Friday afternoon, mentally checking through a list of things you need to do before you head out of town for the weekend. Your mobile phone buzzes – it’s an app notification.

Smart Geyser Risk Reduction

Burst geysers, consequential damage and repairs are the most common geyser-related claims in homeowners’ insurance policies. These are significant given that geysers amount to approximately 50% of home insurance premiums. Sensor Networks’ Internet of Things (IoT) platform mitigates this risk by detecting when a geyser has burst and automatically stopping water flow. This eliminates the

Predicting blown geyser elements with AWS SageMaker

Blown elements are the most frequent homeowner’s insurance claim. Burst geysers and consequential water damage are a pain point for homeowners and insurance providers alike, resulting in millions of rands in claims for providers, and increased premiums for policy holders. Sensor Networks’ IoT platform has enabled insurers to significantly reduce this risk through bespoke sensors

Santam Specialist Real Estate rolls-out IoT smart-home insurance solution

Insurance providers in South Africa are embracing the benefits of integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into existing insurance models and systems. This follows Santam Specialist Real Estate’s recent partnership with Sensor Networks to provide smart-home insurance solutions to homeowners across the country. Kicking off in the Free State earlier this month, Santam Specialist Real

The Smart-Home Data Ecosystem

IoT data is the foundation of smart-home insurance through enabling insurers to optimally assess and manage certain risks in their policyholders’ homes, resulting in superior value propositions while providing value-added services. Sensor Networks’s bespoke sensors document and contextualise a policyholder’s daily behaviour with regards to water usage, electricity consumption, home frequency, shower patterns, sleep patterns,

Senseable solution scoops top digital award at the 2019 IAB Bookmark Awards

When digital technology and creative thinking intersect, brands can collaborate to create memorable and relevant experiences in consumers’ lives. Through the collaborative efforts between Nedbank Insurance and Accenture Interactive, the award-winning geyser telematics solution (brought to you by Nedbank Insurance) received additional industry acclaim at the 2019 IAB Bookmark Awards, earning gold in both the

Ventureburn’s top startup picks for 2019

Sensor Networks has been given an honourable mention in a recent article on South African startup news website, Ventureburn, titled: ‘My hot and happening SA startup picks for 2019’ by Matthew Buckland.

Happy Holidays from Sensor Networks!

The festive season is fast approaching, and many of us will soon leave our properties unattended for long periods while we go on holiday. Sensor Networks will keep an eye on your geyser while you’re away

Sensor Networks Energy Consumption Savings Reduction Report

This report investigates whether installing a Sensor Networks Smart Geyser controller reduces the average user’s geyser energy consumption and the significance of those savings by assessing the existing usage patterns through sensor data. Further, the project seeks to unveil the user characteristics and behavioural patterns which best optimise consumption cost without hindering user convenience (e.g.

Advice from some of SA’s top entrepreneurs

Start-up owners need to have the patience of a saint when dealing with corporates, says Sensor Networks founder Mark Allewell, who is currently juggling five Internet of Things (IoT) projects