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Reduce Risks. Reduce Costs.

Leak Detection
and Fault Handling

Our smart geyser is equipped with sensors that can detect element failures and geyser leaks. Insurance providers and their customers receive automatic first notification of loss (FNOL) when a geyser failure is identified.

Remote Monitoring and Response triggers

In the case of a blown element or water-detection, the smart geyser will automatically turn off the element or shut the geyser water supply. This reduces the risk of further damage caused as a result of the geyser failure.

Incident Reporting

Our smart geyser has multiple sensors that constantly relay the health of each geyser connected to our platform. We are able to accurately report on geyser incidents to insurance companies and customers as they happen.

Reduce Risks. Reduce Costs.

A smart geyser is equipped with sensors that can detect leaks or abnormal water flow. If a leak is detected, it can immediately notify the homeowner or a monitoring system, with a first notification of loss message.
In case of a detected leak or abnormal water flow, the smart geyser can automatically shut off the water supply. This helps prevent further damage and reduces the risk of flooding or water-related accidents.
Smart geysers are equipped with sensors and monitoring capabilities that can accurately record and report incidents, using time stamped data such as leaks, bursts, or abnormal water flow in real time. ne

Smart Data. Smart Insights.


Our platform uses automatic fault reports generated by our smart geysers to trigger first notification of loss (FNOL) alerts for insurance companies and customers in real time – you'll know when geyser claims happen.


Dozens of sensors in each smart geyser relay information back to our platform as it happens. Power failures, blown elements, geyser overheating and water detection, among others, are all reported in real time.

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