We partner with the following SMART businesses

We have Pioneered Smart Home Hardware in South Africa

New product development

We take an end-to-end approach where proof of concept design, development and testing for hardware involves creating a small-scale version of the product to demonstrate its feasibility and basic functionality.


Our team then works on refining and optimising the design while subjecting the prototype to various real-world tests to ensure it performs as intended before moving on to full-scale production.

Future proofing

Continuous improvement based on user feedback, involves regularly upgrading and updating the hardware components to enhance their performance, features, and capabilities.

Iterative upgrades

We constantly strive to make our products better, and this could include hardware upgrades, firmware updates, or even introducing entirely new versions of devices with improved functionality.


We create hardware improvements and bespoke solution designs that focus on ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with other devices, companies or partners, and technologies.


This allows for smoother interactions, data sharing and interoperability between different hardware components, creating a more cohesive and integrated experience, ultimately adding value for end users.

We offer 4 smart business solutions


Predict and prevent before things happen


Save energy and help do your part

Development and Design

Innovation where it matters most

Smart Home.
Smart App.

Smart technology for an even smarter home

Why Partner with Sensor Networks

Proudly South African

We are the most established smart geyser provider in South Africa, with our smart geyser and smart alarm products designed, tested and manufactured locally.

Track record

Our years of experience speak for themself, and our leadership team comes with a proven track record, having already successfully scaled a start-up to international success.

Our Technology is SMART

We offer a smart solutions platform that effortlessly combines innovative solutions for energy efficiency, and risk mitigation for insurers and homeowners alike.

Data is our secret weapon

We have provided data (usage insights) to our business partners, allowing them to pass value to their customers by lowering premiums and reducing excesses on geyser claims to zero.